Oh… Canada: A Canadian Election Platformer

I have been spending a lot of my time panicking about the upcoming election. Living in the US, this has been without the support of numerous other Canadians in a similar panic. To cope I message my friends back home daily, and even bonded with an ex pat in a cafe when she overheard my Harper-directed rage. I’ve also spent a lot of time explaining Canadian politics to Americans who have kindly indulged me more than most people would.

Trying my best to be productive, I channelled this anxiety into making a game about the election. It is a platformer.

Enjoy the privilege of Harper, as you jump higher and farther to the right than anyone else. Take joy in Trudeau’s ability to switch directions on a dime, and his very pretty hair. Want a challenge? Scamper about as Elizabeth May, trying to garner as much attention as you can by live tweeting during the federal debates. Or, do nothing at all and watch the entire system drift slowly to the right.

Collect enough votes and see what your Canada looks like.

Play it here

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