On ModelViewCulture.com: Flickering the Gaslight: Tactics of Organized Online Harassment

This past March I had the privilege of being published in Model View Culture, where I wrote an article called Flickering the Gaslight: Tactics of Organized Online Harassment. I dissect violent tactics that permeates online spaces and spill out into professional and social spaces. In particular I’m concerned with gaslighting and the misappropriation of technology and the effects on communities and people.

Recognition of terminology is foundational to the process of validation. When prominent GamerGaters and MRAs use words that have been developed to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, or to describe the violent institutions of white supremacy in our countries, they are not “reappropriating” or changing the meaning of the word through the elasticity of language and culture: they are actually enacting violence on the people who need those words to validate their own experiences and existences.

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This piece on technoculture and online violence was well-received and I am immensely grateful to those who helped me put it together. I’m really proud of it. Thank you.

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